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What is Hyperhack?
HyperHack is a 3 day hackathon, where over 150 globally recruited applicants will get the opportunity to come together and ideate, hack, design and build sustainable ideas for the future.

It will take on the format of team formation, brainstorming sessions, workshops, one-to-one mentorships and mock pitches.

HyperHack will culminate in a pitch presentation to a panel of judges comprising of industry veterans, sustainability champions and notable investors.

You can look forward to meeting participants from around the world and hack the best ideas anchored on sustainability during the 52 hours hackathon. Don't worry – it's beginner-friendly!
Who can participate in HyperHack?
HyperHack is open to all individuals from all walks of life. We are sector agnostic and invite anyone who has an idea or passion to be part of a growing community passionate about building a better world. We accept applications from all geographies and industries regardless of age and interests. HyperHack thrive on diversity and we want the community to come together to solve challenges for a better future.
How do I register for HyperHack?
Registrations are currently closed. You can stay informed of when registrations for the hackathon open again here.
What is the cost to attend HyperHack?
Tickets for HyperHack are priced at SGD$75. This includes 7 meals throughout all 3 days of the event, the awesome instagram-worthy swag worth up to $100 and the unique opportunity to meet some of the most illustrious luminaries of the startup and corporate world. Please register your interest here.
What is the Datathon? How does it fit into the Hyperhack?
  • Sustainability-themed Datathon at Temasek's/ StartupX's HyperHack event to focus on improving social, economic outcomes
  • The Datathon track will be supported by a number of partners such as Startup X, Temasek, Data Republic as well as participants from universities, start-ups, corporates, and consultancies
  • The Datathon will make use of a regulatory sandbox from the IMDA to explore trusted data sharing
  • Held from 8-10 November, the 3-day Datathon will grant participants access to synthetic datasets hosted on secure data workspaces that are provisioned with analytics toolkits. They will compete on innovative data-driven solutions focused on bettering social and economic outcomes, in areas of health and financial betterment
What are the challenge-statements for the Datathon-track of the Hyperhack?
Datathon participants will focus on 2 challenge statements; teams can decide to work on either 1 or both
  1. How might we drive deeper analytical insights to shape better health outcomes for Singapore residents?
  2. How might we drive deeper analytical insights for sustainable financial wellbeing for Singapore residents?
Do I need an idea to join HyperHack?
No, you don't. That's the beauty of HyperHack – where it offers the opportunity for participants to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and develop ideas collectively.

If you have an idea that is still being researched and a team, you can still apply to HyperHack. Please take note that partially developed prototypes and teams with an MVP will not be allowed to join HyperHack as it would be unfair to the other participants.

We actively encourage all participants to keep an open mind and work with other innovators to explore great ideas.
What role can I take on during HyperHack?
We are looking for participants that fall under the following categories:

  • Doer: Individuals with business development instinct, who are resourceful and strong communicators, devising business strategies, and getting stuff done to get the start-up off the ground. These are the people who usually pitch and get the business model right.
  • Developer: Individuals with coding and programming expertise who will be able to hack, build the prototype and do all things tech. These are the people who usually code and do the technical portion of the solution.
  • Designer: Individuals with design skills and aesthetic sense, who would be able to do UI/UX design and create user-centric products with the team. These are the people who will design beautiful pitch decks and stun the judges with your slides.
  • Data Scientist: Individuals with a data science background, who have expertise to interpret and derive insights from data. These are the people who will be able to use the data sets creatively and develop valuable insights for the solution.
How many members can a team have?
Teams are limited to a minimum of 4 participants and maximum number of 5 participants. Ideally, the team should comprise a mix of Doer, Developer, Designer and Data Scientist for cross-pollination of ideas.

Any team that does not fulfil the team members criteria may be disqualified.
What dataset toolkit will I be using?
More details of the dataset toolkit will be shared at a later date but participants can expect the data sets to be from big corporations, private and public sector companies.
Where and when will the event be held?
The event is currently not running. You can stay informed of when registrations for the hackathon open again here.
How can data be accessed?
  • Participating teams will access data through Data Republic's platform, a secure and controlled environment that restricts downloads and tracks actions in an auditable manner
  • Data can only be accessed on-site at the event location
What do I need to bring to HyperHack? Will food be provided?
Participants should bring along their personal identification and letter of confirmation to participate in HyperHack 2019. Also, you will definitely need your laptops, phones, chargers and any other devices that can help in the ideation process.

Free delicious meals and drinks will be provided to all participants during HyperHack 2019.
What will the teams be judged on during the presentation?
Teams will be evaluated based on their idea, aligned to the themes of HyperHack.

Teams will also be evaluated based on these 4 elements:
  • Validation
  • Execution & Design
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
What are the prizes for HyperHack?
The winning team will receive SGD10,000 cash and other in-kind prizes (up to SGD50,000 in value). The 2nd place winner will receive SGD5,000 cash and other in-kind prizes (up to SGD40,000 in value). The third place will win SGD3,000 cash and other in-kind prizes (up to SGD30,000 in value). All the top 3 winners will receive an exclusive invite for a fast-track entry into HyperSpark pre-accelerator programme. There will aslo be data prizes worth SGD35,000.

We are also working with esteemed partners to provide special deals and benefits to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. Stay tuned for more details on other prizes!

What if I have to withdraw from the event?
Participants who wish to withdraw from the hackathon must send in an email to hyperx@thestartupx.com. StartupX is unable to issue any refunds for participants who have successfully paid for HyperHack tickets.

Withdrawal requests are final and binding.
Will the cost be covered for overseas participants? Will I need to apply for a visa?
We do not offer any reimbursement for travel and accommodation expenses incurred by overseas participants.

However, we are giving out HyperHack Xpress Pass to selected lucky applicants across the globe. The HyperHack Xpress Pass will include an all-expenses paid round-trip flights and accommodation to Singapore. Stay updated on the latest news on our HyperHack Xpress Pass by registering your interest here.

Overseas participants should check the visa requirements to enter Singapore. If you do need a visa, please proceed promptly with applying for the visa as the process may take a significant amount of time. Visa fees will be borne by the participants.
What type of startups should apply to the programme?
Refer to here.
Can I apply and get accepted as a solo founder?
You can apply as a solo founder and we do accept solo founders from time to time. However, that's usually an exception and your odds of getting accepted are much higher if you have a team of co-founders with complementary skills.
I'm not based in Singapore. Can I apply? Will my travel expenses be covered?
Startups will settle your own travel & accommodation, which you can pay out of the SGD $10,000 grant if you are shortlisted as one of the top ten startups.
When will the selected teams be announced?
HyperSpark is currently not accepting any new teams. Stay up to date for when registrations open for a new batch of teams here.
Can everybody from my team join the programme?
We encourage at least two co-founders of your team to be full-time to get the most value out of the programme. However, if that is not possible, it is acceptable for only one founder to attend the programme.

Our mentors get excited to work with teams who upon the completion of a session, are able to immediately take what they've learned and execute on it. The programme can be more valuable if at least two co-founders are present as additional time is not lost when relaying information to other co-founders.
Does it cost money to participate in the programme?
No, HyperSpark is free of charge for all startups that get accepted.
Does StartupX or Temasek take equity in my startup if I participate in HyperSpark?
Neither StartupX or Temasek will take equity in your startup.
What is the structure of the HyperSpark programme?
HyperSpark is a hands-on, mentorship programme that consists of weekly masterclasses, check-ins and mentors sessions for 10 weeks.
How does mentorship work?
We set up an experience for you as a founder that enables you to work with mentors in both group settings and one-on-one so you can deep dive into on the product or strategic challenges your startup is facing.
Will my company receive any funding from the programme?
Startups who come into the programme will stand to receive SGD10,000 grant. The grant money will be disbursed in tranches based on mutually agreed milestones.
Will my team get any perks?
Startups accepted into HyperSpark will also stand to receive up to SGD30,000 in credits and benefits from our partners.
Does HyperSpark provide a workspace to the startups?
Yes, teams will be able to work out of our incubation space at One North during the duration of the programme.
What happens after Demo Day?
You will continue to be a part of StartupX's community.
Will I be guaranteed entry to HyperScale?
Startups who graduate from HyperSpark will be required to apply to HyperScale. However, preference will be given to HyperSpark alumni.
Can HyperSpark help me get into other accelerators or raise funding?
Many of our mentors and network are people who run accelerators, are involved in corporate innovation programmes, or are partners at VC firms. This is an amazing opportunity to network and build a relationship with them during the programme. Often times these relationships eventually evolve into a bigger opportunity.

HyperSpark is also partnering with a network of accelerators and investors interested in potential startups that graduate from the programme and we will provide introductions or referrals to these partners. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to pitch to accelerators and seed investors at Demo Day!
Who runs HyperSpark?
HyperSpark is part of the HyperX Global Sustainability Hackcelerator launched by StartupX in partnership with Temasek. While we are determined to support startups working on sustainability innovations, the world has ambitious sustainability goals to achieve, and we cannot do it alone. HyperSpark will also be supported by global organisations who are keen to bring opportunities for startups in the HyperSpark programme.
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